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Nov 6 / benfordriley

Getting Seahawked

Tori Black, a very famous pornstar sent by twitter a picture of her with their official hoody and then a picture of her ass with the same hoody. See below the picture: 

The Seattle Seahawks rapidly responded by twitter:

The problem is they deleted that post a few moments later. They can’t be mixed up with Pornstars on the web, after all they are professional sports team. She is not worthy of their attention, clearly Tori Black is just a nobody. Chico Dusty in his article really helps us understand how Pornstars are perceived by others. Their job makes them a sub-class of society. Very sad, right?

Being Seahawked is when someone after doing a sexual act ignores you because they think you are less than them. They think that they don’t need to give you any attention because you are lower than them. This is not necessarily a sexual position even though, a person can get Seahawked in bed. A person can decide that because a person is poorer, younger or less educated try to do things because they have more power and ignore the person afterwards. Dominance is different because one can be dominated by the other based on their personality and not on their life status.

Tori Black, You’ve been Seahawked!

Have you?

Oct 30 / benfordriley

Tasty Oreo

I got your attention? Well you guessed it I’m not talking about your average Oreo; this type of Oreo can be eaten in separate parts but truth be told, the 3 components together makes it just so much more yummy. You guessed it, this week I am staying in the threesome category. This time we are adding to the mix the ebony category. Ebony is the lingo to describe black people in sex. Indeed, the Oreo is when there are two black people in a threesome and one white person. There can be different variation when it comes to the genders involved. I obviously have a favourite. Here are the possibilities:

Reverse Oreo Threesome.

My type of Oreo

Tasty Oreo

Tasty Oreo

Tasty Oreo

Tasty Oreo

They also call it Oreo because all this couldn’t be possible without the “milk” part of this sexual encounter. Indeed, the only time we call it a tasty Oreo is when someone comes. I still only eat my Oreos with milk, I don’t see why I wouldn’t in bed?

Did I mention how hot this all is? I mean of course it can be a lot to handle but who wouldn’t want a chance to be with 2 ebony girls?

I wouldn’t mind looking at a threesome with 2 ebony girls and one really hot blonde girl. So, I grouped, in the below link, several Oreo Pics.

Link to Tasty Oreo’s *** Be careful you might get addicted***


Oct 21 / benfordriley

The Eiffel Tower

My friend after a trip in Greece told me about his crazy sex adventures with another guy and one girl.  I was quite surprised that he went though with it because of his shy nature and very quiet personality. After trying to get more information about the deed he finally confessed that he tried the sex position called the Eiffel Tower. He quickly pointed it out that it wasn’t the “monument” he was talking about.

I was pretty proud of him at first but I had no clue what it was, I searched the web for answers and quickly realized what it was.  It’s basically when a girl is on her knees performing fellatio or eating out another girl while the other guy is doing her from behind. Then the two on top high five each other over her creating a the shape of the Eiffel Tower as seen in these pictures. He added that it was great trying new things with new partners and he definitely recommends it to any one willing to try something new!

I’ll take his word for it and try it out next time I have the chance ;)

Oct 4 / benfordriley

BDSM defined

I once  discuss with one of my girl friend about BDSM and you would be so surprise of the definition she gave me. I quote ” Big Dick Small Men”.

It was a blast, I laughed a lot. My eyes in tears because of all this laughing I had to define that BDSM stands for

Big man vs Small Man

Nothing like this” Big Dick Small Men”. So cute!

BDSM holds also a classy aesthetic as below.


BDSM - High heel women

BDSM - Woman with a stick

Submit some of your words.

Sep 18 / benfordriley

PAWG Defined

You’ve seen “PAWG” all over the web, have you ever wondered what it means?

The first thing that always comes to mind when I see PAWG in the description of a porn movie or sex picture are pogs:

Remember pogs?

Those shitty pieces of colored cardboard you’d slam over and over again with a slammer?

Man, we were so dumb in the 90′s.

So what’s the connection between pogs and PAWGs? Well, phonetically they’re homonyms. And if you ever get yourself a PAWG, God knows that you’d take your slammer and try to slam her over and over again.

Note: “Slammer” is a euphemism for erect penis and “slam” is a euphemism for sex. I’m not trying to incite violence on PAWGs here.

Besides sounding the same and the constant urge to slam, there is no connection between PAWGs and pogs.

In fact, PAWG is an acronym!


As we all know, a white girl with a big ass is still a relatively new phenomenon.

Unfortunately, white people did not know that big asses were sexy until 1992 when Sir-Mix-A-Lot dropped “Baby Got Back”.

Since then, white people have been scrambling to big sexy asses.

Now, 11 years after “Baby Got Back”, we are finally seeing Phat Ass White Girls with all natural big asses that are so damn sexy.

PAWGs signify an evolution in sexy. Take a look at some of my favorite PAWGs to reassure yourself that the future looks good:

Jada Stevens is a PAWG

Source: via PP dakyd on

Phoenix Marie is a PAWG

Source: via Leynes on

Mia Malkova is a PAWG

Source: via SlipperyRick on

Alexis Texas is a PAWG

Source: via This is good thing on

Now you know the meaning of PAWG.

Come back soon for more sex terms defined on MyPorntionary!

Sep 18 / benfordriley

Welcome to My Porntionary!

porn pictures

Everybody watches porn and with that comes an interesting linguistical problem.

What I mean is that everyone around the world is watching porn and bringing their own slang, lingo, dialects, broken translations to the online porn community. Sometimes this can leave you feeling a little lost when trying to find your favorite porn videos and sex pictures.

Lucky for you, I’m here to help with MyPorntionary.

MyPorntionary is my new blog to help you figure out what the hell people are talking about when they’re posting sex pictures and porn videos.

Plus, each sex term I’m able to define for you gives me the perfect excuse to share some sexy content with all of you.

So stay tuned because every sexual term you’ve never been able to figure out is about to defined thanks to MyPorntionary.